Slip n’ Slide Designs

When I set out to create my own slide show I was excited. My whole life I’d only used previously made templates for my slide shows in Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides. It sounded like an exciting challenge.

Target Audience

Luckily the target audience for this was easy. We only had to think about Brother Lybbert so it allowed a lot more freedom to do what we wanted to do because he is more understanding of any design choice we go for.

Title Slide

I’m pretty happy with the way this turned out. Originally I didn’t have enough focus on the original ad so I revamped it and came up with this. I think it makes the viewer more aware of what’s important.

Transition Slides

These two slides are the slides I designed to transition between content in my slides. I wanted a bright color scheme as I knew the content of my ad was dark. I wanted to be able to contrast that so my ad wasn’t too bleak. I originally had the three categories in their own slides but wanted to cut back so the show wasn’t too bloated.

Content Slides

These are the slides I made analyzing the original ad. I tried to keep a very consistent layout across all slides so it’s easy to watch. Then I made another slide analyzing my own ad that turned out well.


This was a fun project that I’m very proud of! It gave me a chance to play around with colors and practice a skill that I’m excited to use again in the future.

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McDonald’s: Tasty Typography

This McDonald’s advertisement from 1969 was designed to try and spread excitement about their new sandwich. In order to draw attention they use a heavier font to get the memorable catch phrase at the top remembered. They then use a smaller, lighter font to explain the details.


Let’s focus on just that catch phrase up top

McDonald’s has incorporated an Oldstyle font here. The weight of the letters and the whether the font is serif or not gives it away. In this case the letter ‘s’ is a perfect example of varying weights. The bottom of the letter is thinner while the middle has some thickness to it. The top of the letter ‘d’ is a good example of the serif. The fact that the serif is diagonal is a dead giveaway that this is Oldstyle because Oldstyle is made to mimic an old school pen writing the letters

Sans Serif

Now let’s move to the bottom of the image

This font is a Sans Serif font. The same letters from the last example are also what gives this away. The letter ‘s’ has even weight throughout the image. The letter ‘d’ is also completely without a serif. These are both dead giveaways that we’re working with a sans serif font.


McDonald’s has used an Oldstyle and a Sans Serif font in order to contrast one another and create a visually interesting advertisement. We can tell which fonts they are by their weight and serif.